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Aged Accounts Receivable for Credit Balances

Title: Aged Accounts Receivable for Credit Balances
Submitted by: Rapattoni Software Support
Issue: Many of my agents carry credit balances. Can I run a report that only shows credits?

Association staff and members alike can easily forget about credit balances that exist in the members’ accounts receivable. Magic provides an excellent aged accounts receivable report that can list not only unpaid invoices, but credit invoices, too.

Most staff members are familiar with entering the standard criteria in the Aged Accounts Receivable Report, but they may not know that the Invoice Balance fields determine if credit balances will be included on the report. Credit invoices show up as negative invoices in the member’s A/R. To create an aged accounts receivable report that only includes credit invoices, you should enter a from amount of -9,999,999.99 and a thru amount of -.01. The report generated from our example below will show a detail of each member’s credit invoices, sorted alphabetically by member name.

Try running the report using various format and sort options until you find the format that best fits your needs. Once you have printed the report it will be easy to tell at a glance which members have credit invoices. You can then decide whether to refund the credit, manually apply it to an invoice, or use the Auto Apply Credits Utility. More information on each of these procedures can be found in the Online Help.