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Education Transmittal and Education Tracking

Title: Education Transmittal and Education Tracking
Submitted by: Rapattoni Software Support
Issue: What is the difference between Education Transmittal and Education Tracking?

Did you know that there are actually two processes for tracking which members have taken their mandatory Code of Ethics course and determining how that information gets transmitted to NAR?

The education transmittal process is the method in which you send information to NAR to certify that the member has satisfied the requirement.

The education tracking process was designed for association staff to track who has, or who has not, taken a class that satisfies the requirement. This enables your staff to run updates based upon classes taken that satisfy the requirements, and run reports for those members that still have not completed the requirement. These reports can be run by office and mailed to the brokers, which can put the responsibility on the broker to get their agents working on the requirement.

In addition to these processes, we also offer the "Getting Started" section that covers how to create a class and how to set up education tracking. This "Getting Started" section is at the top of the education menu and it looks like this:

Education Procedures

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