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Inventory Setup/Reset

Title: Inventory Setup/Reset
Submitted by: Rapattoni Magic Software Support
Issue: What steps do I need to take in order to reset or set up my inventory?

Setting up or resetting your inventory can seem like an overwhelming task at first, however with proper instruction, it can be accomplished with ease. Both your staff and the Rapattoni Magic Support Staff must work together to get your inventory up and running. If you are wishing to set up your inventory for the first time or just need a complete reset of your current inventory, we are here to help. In Rapattoni Magic, there is a ‘Getting Started’ tutorial that walks you through the necessary steps. It is a valuable tool that was designed to make the experience easier for the user.

Getting Started for Inventory:

Tip: Before you start to work with the Getting Started, please give our support department a call, so we can discuss in more detail the tasks necessary to complete this process.

Inventory Setup Overview:

  • Create charge codes for all inventory items.
  • Create product categories for the various items in your inventory.
  • Create vendor types to classify the types of vendors you buy products from.
  • Enter each vendor you use to buy items.
  • Enter each item in your inventory that you wish to track
  • Print an Inventory Report.
  • Manually perform a physical inventory of all the items.
  • Create a single purchase order to enter your initial inventory counts.
  • Verify the item counts.
  • Call the Rapattoni Software Support Department to run necessary utilities to complete the process.

NOTE: We recommend that you setup/reset your inventory so that your new inventory goes "live" at the 1 st of the month. Please contact Rapattoni Support in advance of this date to ensure all tasks are completed on time and accurately.