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Contribution Charge Codes

Title: Contribution Charge Codes
Submitted by: Rapattoni Software Support
Issue: How do I set up new contribution charge codes for next year’s dues billing?

Well it’s that time of year again — dues billing is here. In addition to setting up new dues charge codes, it is necessary to create new charge codes for your various contributions. Setting up a charge code for contributions requires just a few simple steps.

Charge Code Table:




Using your mouse, click the first charge code in the Charge Code Table. Then click the Create Records button in the toolbar, or use your keyboard to enter create mode (Ctrl+C). A blank Charge Code Information Form will open (we have completed this form as an example).

When creating a new contribution charge code you will need to pay particular attention to the following fields in the Charge Code Information Form.

Billing Year - Set the billing year to the year for which the charge code applies. If the Billing Year field is set to 2005 and payments are received in 2004, the contribution will be recognized for 2005. The Billing Year field is also necessary to run accurate contribution reports.

Accumulate Contribution History - Check this option so the software will update information in your member’s contribution history. The update will occur when payment has been received for this charge code and a Member History Update is run.

Contribution Category - The code that identifies where to direct money received as a contribution.

Split Contributions - If checked, then contributions using the charge code will be split according to the percentages in the Contribution Percentage Table. (This option is primarily used by state associations.)

Memo Charge - Selecting this option indicates that this charge code is a voluntary charge. The charge code will appear as a memo charge on a dues-related invoice, but will not be added to your accounts receivable. (Statements can be set up to include memo charges in the Statement/Invoice Set up Form by selecting Print Memo Charges.)

Once your contribution charge codes are correctly set up you can include them in your annual dues billing. For more information on dues billing, please see our "Billing Procedures" article in the Magic Resource Center.