Member Relations Management

Member Relations Management

Rapattoni NetMagic

The Next Generation in Member Relations Management (MRM)

NetMagic combines the most extensive real estate industry knowledge with the latest technologies to give your association the most powerful, flexible, and intuitive productivity suite available for managing your association needs.


Manage every detail of your membership via a stylish and intuitive graphical user interface. Real-time synchronization to the NAR central database ensures the most accurate membership data.

Accounts Receivable

Easily handle all of your Accounts Receivable needs in far less time than it takes now. Repetitive accounting procedures can now be executed with automated processes.

Groups & Committees

Empower your members to coordinate their groups and committees. Store agendas, minutes, and action items online for easy access by group members.

Events & Education

Coordinate and present your event and class offerings more efficiently than ever before. Your association website can now be the preferred destination for all your members' registration needs.

Store & Inventory

From counter sales to online order processing, you are equipped with everything you need to satisfy your association store and e-commerce needs.

Communications Tracking

Enhance your customer relations by quickly and easily tracking inbound and outbound communications with your members.

Internet Member Services

All NetMagic modules are accessible by your members in an elegant and configurable Web interface.

Content Management

Manage all of your association's content like news articles, board policies, and bylaws in one organized place. Then easily post it to everywhere it is needed, including: your website, e-mail blasts, newsletters, and monthly publications.
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