Secure Logon

Secure Logon

Protect your MLS site with state-of-the-art security!

In the real estate business, your data is your greatest asset. Rapattoni Secure Logon helps you protect that data by ensuring that only authorized users can access your MLS.

Strong Security

With Rapattoni Secure Logon, your users will be protected by banking industry strength security leveraging RSA’s Adaptive Authentication technology which currently protects more than 150 million users online. Via a combination of confidential security questions, user profiling, analytical risk reporting, and anti-fraud technology, Rapattoni Secure Logon provides you with a level of security unmatched in the real estate marketplace today.

Eliminate Unauthorized Access

Confidential security questions prevent the majority of unauthorized access. Analytical risk reporting gives MLS staff a clear view of high-risk users.

Anti-Fraud Technology

Rapattoni Secure Logon comes with the power of RSA’s anti-fraud technology, including:

  • Anti-Phishing – MLS users will verify that they are accessing their MLS and not an impostor site via the use of a personalized security image and phrase that is presented to the user before they enter their password.
  • eFraudNetwork – All incoming logon attempts are vetted against RSA’s eFraudNetwork database of fraudulent IP addresses. This extensive database is continuously updated by participating financial institutions.

Seamless Integration and Implementation

Rapattoni has designed Secure Logon to integrate with existing Rapattoni MLS sites as well as other MLS sites and Internet services. Secure Logon is easy to deploy even in large organizations, backed by Rapattoni's industry-leading customer support. Full deployment, training and ongoing support services for your staff and agents are included.

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