Single Sign-On (SSO)

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Convenience for Your Members

With Single Sign-On (SSO), your MLS or association's website becomes the focal point of a member's online experience, providing great convenience.

Without SSO: Agents need to log
on separately to the various online
services they use — their MLS,
local association, forms providers,
transaction management sites,
the state and national associations,
and other online services. Today,
the agent must open each site separately and log on with different
IDs and passwords.
With SSO: Your MLS or association site becomes an "identity portal" that simplifies your members' experience. Imagine the convenience! Your members log on to your site once, and then smoothly access any number of trusted sites — without having to log on again.

Your Site Becomes a Single Point of Entry

SSO allows you to tie your members' "online community" together. Your site can authenticate the member during logon (ideally using strong, two-factor authentication), and then offer easy transportation to other trusted sites. Agents will only need to remember one ID and password, and have a single, secure point of entry to many services. Associations will benefit from being the "hub" of their members' online circle of trust.

Security that Meets 'Best Practice' Standards

Rapattoni hosts the SSO identity portal and provides management software that lets you determine which users should have access to which trusted sites. The system passes secure, signed and certified information between SSO sites using the security industry standard Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) technology. Rapattoni's SSO program creates and sends a signed and certified SAML file that can be received by any trusted vendor's website.

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