Rapattoni MLS

Learning Center

Welcome to the Rapattoni MLS Learning Center. Below is a collection of short video tutorials that will teach you the basics of the Rapattoni MLS.

 MLS Learning Center Help Tips


  • Hover the cursor over the bottom of the video and controls appear with a Pause button, a progress slider, a volume slider, and more.

  • You can click the Pause button to pause the video if you’d like to follow along within the MLS in another window, then click the Play button when you’re ready to continue.
  • You can also use the progress slider to repeat a segment of the video if desired.


  • You may want to keep your cursor clear of the video area when the tutorial is running so that it doesn’t get mistaken for the cursor within the video.

Additional Help

  • More resources are available under the Help menu within the MLS, including printable documentation, online help, and a searchable support center.

The Basics of Searching

Listing Search Overview 2:01
Choosing a Search Template 3:55
Entering Criteria 3:17
Viewing and Selecting Listings 4:08
Custom Search 2:48
Find Comparables 4:37

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