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New Presidency and 20th Anniversary for Ralph Hoover at Rapattoni Corporation

Ralph Hoover

SIMI VALLEY, Calif., April 11, 2016 – Ralph Hoover celebrated 20 years with Rapattoni Corporation (Rapattoni) this month and also stepped into his new role as President of Rapattoni Corporation. Mr. Hoover has served as Executive Vice President (EVP) and Chief Operations Officer (COO), and he will retain the COO title while taking on the presidency.

CEO Niki Rapattoni stated, "Ralph started with the company in 1996 when Rapattoni's only product was its Magic real estate association management software and he rose to become a key player when we brought up our MLS product in 1999. His leadership qualities have excelled and he is recognized as the voice of Rapattoni by our customers and our staff. I am very proud to have him take the presidency as we move into the future."

As President and COO, Mr. Hoover serves as a director on the Rapattoni board, member of the company's executive team, and oversees the leadership team. He is responsible for overseeing many departments encompassing the direction and development of the Rapattoni Multiple Listing Service (MLS), including the GIS/Mapping product as well as the MLS implementation, staff support, and help desk departments.

Accepting the position of President and also achieving this 20 year milestone, Mr. Hoover said, "I am deeply honored to serve as President of Rapattoni Corporation and I will strive to succeed in this new position. I'm grateful for my start in AMS as it gave me a solid understanding of the real estate business which was a true asset when we began the development of our MLS system 15 years ago. We have an outstanding staff and leadership team that has accomplished monumental strides this past year under Niki Rapattoni's direction as CEO and I look forward to our continued moves into the future."

Ms. Rapattoni added, "We have accomplished a great deal in the last twelve months with the introduction of Magic 10 Hosting, our new Rapattoni Magic-Cloud AMS, and the development of our Next Gen MLS. In order to better serve our customers, our ever-changing industry, and our technology demands, Ralph will take another step into the position as President, allowing Nick Hook to take on the vital responsibilities of Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Architect. In addition, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Brian Tepfer will add Executive Vice President to his many duties. Ralph, Nick, and Brian are ideally suited for these new roles as Ralph is the voice of Rapattoni with our customers, Nick's forte is his domain knowledge in product architecture and our data center, and Brian has excelled at business development as well as our technical advancements. I am extremely pleased with the company's direction and thankful to have a superb leadership team and outstanding staff by my side."

About Rapattoni
Rapattoni Corporation has been serving the real estate industry for over 45 years. The company provides an array of integrated products and services for real estate associations and MLS organizations, including an internet-based MLS, association management software, and Integrated Website Services, along with hosting and technical support for each service. Rapattoni's association management customers represent more than 80% of the nation's REALTORS®. Rapattoni's headquarters are in Simi Valley, California.

For more information, contact Rapattoni's Sales department at (800) 722-7338 or visit the Rapattoni website at

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