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Creating Invoices for New Members

Title: Creating Invoices for New Members
Submitted by: Rapattoni Software Support
Issue: Can Magic automatically create an invoice when I enter a new member?

Rapattoni Magic can easily be set up to create an invoice automatically when a new member is added to your database. We know that some associations prefer to have their membership department enter new members, and then have their accounting department create/receipt new member invoices for dues and other applicable charges. But, for those associations that prefer to accomplish these tasks all at once, Magic is there for you.

Automatic invoicing of new members is set up in New Member Billing-Type Charges.

Click the For New Members button to pull up the New Member Billing-Type Charges Form.

Press F5 to zoom from the Group ID field and select the appropriate billing group. In our example above, we selected the ASOC billing group. Highlight the billing type that you want to have automatically invoiced when a new member of that billing type is added to your database. We’ve highlighted the billing type DR. Now we just need to enter the charge codes that will be invoiced to new members of this billing type. Place your cursor in the Charge Code field and zoom to pull up the table of charge codes.

Locate and highlight the applicable charge code, and press Enter on your keyboard to select it.

To enter additional charge codes for the billing type, just arrow down or press your F4 key to add a line. Follow these steps for all new-member billing types that you want to have automatically invoiced.

Note: For associations that do not want to bill new members automatically, or for specific billing
types that should not be auto-invoiced,simply leave the Select Automatic Charges section
blank for those billing types.

Each year make sure to update the charge codes in the New Member Billing-Type Charges Form so your new members’ invoices will reflect the appropriate year’s charge codes.

TIP: You might want to take a look at our "Prorating Charge Codes" article (also available
in the Rapattoni Magic Resource Center) to make sure your new members will be
correctly charged the prorated amount for the applicable charge codes.

For associations utilizing our Internet Member Services online new member application feature, please contact Magic Customer Support at (866) 730-7115 so we can assist you with the setup.