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Cross Referencing Member/Office Records

Title: Cross Referencing Member/Office Records
Submitted by: Rapattoni Software Support
Issue: Is there a way for me to verify if a member/office record qualifies for a transmittal?

Have you ever wondered why a certain member record is not being sent in your transmittals? As you know, there are many different reasons why a record may not qualify. However, instead of guessing what the problem is, let Rapattoni Magic assist you in this process by using the Cross Reference feature. Rapattoni Magic allows you to select a record and see if it qualifies for transmittal based on the receiver. The process only takes a few seconds, and it can save you valuable time!

Cross Reference

Select the member you wish to cross reference to verify if he or she qualifies for transmittal. Click History and then click Change Log.

Note: If you would like to Cross Reference an office record instead, you need to click the Changes button on the Office Query Form instead of the History button.

On the Member Change Log, select the appropriate association and click Cross Reference.

On the Receiver Cross Reference Form, zoom to select the receiver against which you are verifying the member record. Press your Tab key. The system will now tell you if the member qualifies for transmittal based on the information you provided.

If the record does not qualify for transmittal, you will receive an error message. There are several different types of messages that may be displayed, and each will provide an explanation as to what the problem is. The message helps guide you on how to fix the problem so the record can qualify. After you have corrected the problem, you may return to the Cross Reference button to test the record again.