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Deleting and Archiving Invoices and Receipts

Title: Deleting and Archiving Invoices and Receipts
Submitted by: Rapattoni Software Support
Issue: I’d like to clean up my accounts receivable. How can get rid of old invoices and receipts?

Through the years, members may come and go but their accounting information will continue to accumulate in your database. As more and more terminated members accumulate in your database, their accounts receivable use up valuable database space. These A/R records may slow down the performance of your database.

The following procedures have been compiled to assist you in the deletion of old or unwanted A/R records from your database, thus ensuring that your database will perform as robustly as possible. It is best to run the Delete Unpaid Invoices, Archive Receipts and Invoices, and Purge Sales/Receipts Batches utilities in the order listed below at least once a year. Rapattoni Magic provides purging or deleting utilities for all of our software managers, which also help you increase system performance. These utilities will be covered in future Magic Resource Center articles.


Deleting Unpaid Invoices

Use this program to delete any cash-basis unpaid invoices for specific billing groups in your database. This is designed for old, unpaid dues or MLS invoices that are for members who are now inactive or terminated. Do not run this program if you want to retain accounting history of unpaid invoices. It’s a good idea to run the report only first before actually deleting.

Archiving Receipts and Invoices

Use this program to archive old receipts and invoices in your database. The program defaults to archiving records that are more than one year old, but you can modify the date field to archive records that are older or newer than the default date. It is recommended that you print the exception report so that you can investigate the reasons a receipt or invoice did not qualify for archiving.

NOTE: There is no archiving utility available in Magic 7. You may run the Delete
Receipts and Invoices Utility, but it will permanently remove the selected receipts
and invoices.

Purging Sales/Receipts Batches

Use this program to purge batches that are no longer in use, within a specified date range. Only batches that have no invoice or receipt transactions can be deleted. Make sure to check the "Close any open batches with no records" option, because open batches cannot be purged. Once again, it’s a good idea to run the report before actually performing the purge utility.

After running these utilities, if you have invoices or receipts that you feel should be archiving or deleting but are not please feel free to contact us at our Magic support line, (866) 730-7115. When calling our support line you may also request a complete list of our purge and deletion utilities.