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Common Education Tracking Errors

Title: Common Education Tracking Errors
Submitted by: Rapattoni Software Support
Issue: What type of errors are most common when performing education tracking?

If you are currently utilizing education tracking for designations or if you are planning on tracking the fulfillment of NAR’s quadrennial ethics requirement, there are a few common mistakes that should be avoided.

One of the most common mistakes is entering the number of credit hours for a course in the Education Card Credits field instead of in the Certification Info button located at the bottom of the Course Information Form. The last column in the Course Certification Information window is for the credit hours that your course will be worth. In our example, the class is worth 3.0 credits.

Press F5 to zoom to the applicable course and click the Certification Info button.

The second most common error occurs when running the Education Tracking Update. It is very important to enter the correct selection criteria. Make sure to enter the status of ‘P’ (pending) because you are looking for pending members to update, not members that are ‘C’ (completed). Also, it is important to leave the completion from and through dates set to the defaults of 00/00/00, because pending members will not have a completion date.

In our example, we are choosing to update the continuing education category of ETHIC for all pending members that have completed an applicable ethics requirement course.

If you are still having trouble updating your members’ education tracking, check the applicable Class Information Form for the class you are tracking. The default grade for the class should have been defaulted to a grade that is set in the Grade Code Table as a ‘CR’ (credit) grade. All registrants of a class must have an attended status of ‘Y’ for yes and a grade that is set up as ‘CR’ (credit) in order for the member’s education tracking record to correctly update.

If no default grade was entered in the Class Information Form, then you can run the Change Grades Utility. This utility can be found under Education, Utilities and Updates and can be run to populate all registrants for a selected class with a credit grade. In our example, the class is set to a default grade of ‘P’ (passed), and the grade of ‘P’ is set up as a credit grade.

Press F5 to zoom to the applicable class and then zoom from the Default Grade field.

If your association has never utilized the very powerful Education Tracking module or if your association would like additional training, please contact our Magic support help line at (866) 730-7115 so we may schedule a courtesy one-hour phone training.