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Education Transmittal Setup

Title:Education Transmittal Setup
Submitted by:Rapattoni Magic Software Support
Issue: How do I set up my transmittal to NRDS to send education information?

First, you must determine which courses are needed to complete ethics requirements for the current quadrennial. Go to Managers\Education\Setup Tables\Education Requirements Setup Table, then click the Requirements button for the category that pertains to the current quadrennial. You’ll see the courses that pertain to this quadrennial setup. Make note of the course IDs.

Next, go to Managers\Data Exchange\Send Transmittals to access the Send Transmittals section. Click the Set-up tab, then Receiver Information Form. You may have an EDUC Receiver or you can use the current NRDS Receiver. Click the Education tab and you will see the course IDs that qualify for transmittal. All courses that pertain to the current quadrennial should be located here and checked to send. 
The Course Number field needs to translate to the correct Course ID in order to be accepted at NRDS. Please see below for an explanation of Course ID translation:


When you F5 or zoom into the NAR ID, COEC or COEN should translate to a NAR-accepted Group Code.

Once your setup is complete, you can now run a manual transmittal to NRDS to send the education information. Go to Managers\Data Exchange\Send Transmittals and choose the “Education Transmittal” option. Zoom to select the proper receiver and then choose a date range. If you have any further questions, please contact support.