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Education Tracking Update

Title: Education Tracking Update
Submitted by: Rapattoni Software Support
Issue: How can I update our member records for Education Tracking purposes?

Rapattoni Magic provides an Education Tracking Update Utility to help keep your records current and to update professional designation or continuing education requirements. If a member has an education tracking record created, the utility will check the class registration records and will determine if the member has met the requirements for a certain education category. The software uses the Grade Code Table to determine if the member qualifies to receive credit for a class. If a member has fulfilled all of the requirements, the software will perform the following tasks:

  • Change the education category status for the member from pending (P) to completed (C).
  • Change the completion date to the date of the class that fulfilled the requirements, or a date you specify.
  • Add a professional designation to the member's record, if appropriate.

Running the Education Tracking Update:

NOTE: If the software finds a member education tracking record with a status of C for a member who has not actually fulfilled the requirements, the program will change the member’s status back to P, and set the completion date to 00/00/00.