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Canceling Member Registration from a Class/Event

Title: Canceling Member Registration from a Class/Event
Submitted by: Rapattoni Software Support
Issue: How do I cancel a registration in the Education or Event Manager, and what effect does a cancellation have in accounting?

Many times, a member will register for a class or event and later unexpectedly need to cancel. A cancellation may involve several scenarios: Did the member pay in full at time of registration and is now due a refund? Should the credit remain on the member's account to be used at a later date? Do you collect a cancellation fee? Canceling a member's registration in Rapattoni Magic will also adjust and correct that person's accounting history.

The following steps will instruct staff on how to cancel a member's registration in education, and how it affects the member's accounting records.

To cancel a class registration


Select the appropriate class and registration, and then click the Registration button to go into the individual member registration record in the Class Registration Form.

Change the registrant's status from "R" (Registered) to "C" (Cancelled). You are prompted to enter a batch ID:

The batch is required because an accounting adjustment will be automatically generated. A cancellation does involve the creation of a new invoice. After this step, the Class Registration Form reflects the cancellation:

If we look at the member's accounts receivable history (below), we can see that a negative invoice has been created and applied against the original invoice. The member's accounts receivable now reflect the off-setting transactions.

For other questions regarding canceling registrations, please see the Rapattoni Magic Help or contact Rapattoni Software Support.