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Locating Your Merge Data Files

Title: Locating Your Merge Data Files
Submitted by: Rapattoni Magic Software Support
Issue: Where do the files go when I create a merge in Magic?

A merge exports data out of Rapattoni Magic that can be used for letters, mailings, labels, name badges, broadcast e-mail, faxes and other forms of mass communication. When a merge is generated in Magic, the program creates a merge file in the folder indicated in the File Creation Complete dialog box. The directory located on your hard drive at C:\My Documents\ is usually the default.

In this default folder, you will find two separate types of files. Some files start with a caret symbol (^) and are Rapattoni-provided generic merge templates. The other files start with an underscore (_) and are the files that contain your merge data.

At the time you generate merge data files, it is not possible to redirect them to be saved in a different location. However, you can change your default directory if you like. To change the default setting for the location of your merge files, modify the User Setup Form.

User Setup Form



For step-by-step instructions on generating a mail merge, you can refer to the following resources: Chapter 6 "Introduction to Rapattoni Magic Merge" of the Getting Started Manual (access by choosing Documentation from the Help menu), the Rapattoni Magic Help, or the "Rapattoni Magic Basics" section of the Multimedia CD-ROM Tutorial (see lessons 10-12).