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Multiple Selector Fields

Title: Multiple Selector Fields
Submitted by: Rapattoni Network Support
Issue: How can I best use multiple selector fields?

Several report and merge forms now contain multiple selector fields. When you (F5) zoom on a multiple selector field, a multiple selector opens that allows you to choose one, several or all of a specific criteria. Rapattoni Magic® offers multiple selectors for fields such as Association ID, Office Type, Billing Type, Zip Code and more.

Let’s take a look at the Member Merge Form so we can better demonstrate the use of multiple selectors.

Member Merge Form:

Zoom in the Association ID field to bring up the Multiple Association Selector table.

To enter Assn ID’s, first click the Clear All button at the bottom of the multiple selector form. This will remove any residual selections that are left over from previous merges. You may select your first Assn ID by either typing the desired code or zooming to the Association Query Form to select one. Make sure your cursor is in the correct Assn ID field, then press enter on your keyboard to select it.

Once you’re back in the Multiple Association Selector form you can select additional Assn ID’s by pressing your down arrow key or using the F4 key to add additional lines. When finished, click the Done button.

Now suppose you want to select all your associations at once. All you will need to do is click on the Select All button in the Multiple Association Selector form. Perhaps you would like to remove one association but leave the rest. After clicking on the Select All button, highlight the Assn ID that you would like to remove and press F3. When prompted, click on the Yes button when the Confirm Delete Operation is displayed. If you would like to quickly select many associations that fit a specific criteria, you can use the Quick Select Options button.

These instructions can be generalized and applied to all of our multiple selector fields throughout Magic. Please note that multiple selector forms store each user’s last selections. If you would like to change your selection for a multiple selector field, you must zoom from the field to the multiple selector form and perform the Clear All function. Then follow the previously listed steps.

Here’s a specific tip for using the Multiple ZIP Code Selector. We have found that it is best to zoom in the ZIP Code field and perform a Clear All prior to doing any ZIP Code search. This is because, unlike the other multi-selectors, when you leave the Multiple ZIP Code Selector table empty, the search will include all records, regardless of their ZIP codes. This will ensure that any ZIP codes added since your last search will be included. Your choice can be confirmed by looking at the description field next to ZIP Code, if you have used Clear All the description will read All ZIP Codes Selected. In order for this feature to work correctly, you should not have a blank zip code in the Zip Code Table.