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IMS Accounts Receivable Batch Prefixes

Title: IMS Accounts Receivable Batch Prefixes
Submitted by: Rapattoni Software Support
Issue: Why does my latest IMS batch ID end in all asterisks?

Your Rapattoni Magic Internet Member Services accounts receivable batches have a unique batch prefix that differentiates them from your local Magic in-house batches. This IMS batch prefix can be used to create a maximum of 999 batches. Magic automatically, sequentially assigns your IMS batches daily, weekly or monthly depending on your batch frequency setup. If the number of batches exceeds 999, Magic will insert asterisks for the batch ID. It is very important to change your IMS AR batch prefix well before the system exceeds 999. Any IMS AR batch ID’s that end with asterisks will contain faulty data. Periodically check your Batch Form to monitor your IMS web batch ID numbers.

Once the IMS batch ID approaches approximately 950, it is a good idea to change the batch ID prefix. You can change the ID by following the steps listed below.

Highlight the appropriate IMS Association then click on the Service Setup button.

Highlight the appropriate IMS Service. Make sure you are in modify mode then click on the Accounting Setup button.

The batch prefix is assigned in the IMS Accounting Service Setup Form. Type in a new 2 or 3 digit batch prefix.

Please note: Make sure to never assign the same batch prefix twice. It is a good idea to check all of your IMS services that have an accounting setup to verify that you are not using a batch prefix that is currently in use by another service.