Make your Images Interactive

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The Links tool enables you to add “clickable” links to your reports for Virtual Tours, Additional Pictures, or any website of your choosing.

A nice way to present the link to the “Picture Gallery” is to attach the “Additional Photos” link to an image on the report. The advantage of this is that when the report is emailed, the recipient will have the benefit of the interactivity when viewing the report online while not displaying an unnecessary “link” text when printing the report.

To add the link to an image:

  1. Drag the link onto the image and check the “Additional Photos” radio button in the Links panel.

  2. Resize the link field so it is the same size as the image.
  3. Double-click the Link field and delete the text.

  4. Save and Publish the report.

When viewed online the entire image will be interactive and, when clicked, will open the listings picture gallery.


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