Rapattoni Corporation – 45 Years of Setting the Standard

Rapattoni Corporation celebrated its 45th anniversary on August 17, 2015. Founded by Andy and Niki Rapattoni in 1970, the company has built a history of providing innovative software designed exclusively for the real estate industry.

Rapattoni released its first AMS system in 1970 and the company continued to develop and refine its products through the advent of personal computers over the next two decades:

  • In 1993, Andy Rapattoni campaigned for the industry to create a unique member number that stayed with real estate professionals no matter where they moved, an idea that evolved into the NRDS ID number which is now used by all NAR members.
  • Rapattoni went on to launch the industry's first Internet-based MLS system in 1999.
  • The company also led the industry in delivering single sign-on and secure two-factor authentication for REALTORS®, offering token-based Secure Logon in 2006, Single Sign-On in 2007, and keyless Adaptive Authentication in 2009.

Starting from a 110 square foot office in Hollywood in 1970, the California-based company transitioned through two Westwood offices from 1971 through 1985, then spent five years in Santa Monica before relocating to its current home in Simi Valley in 1990. Over time, Rapattoni expanded through multiple suites in the Simi Valley office, and the company recently completed a series of facility renovations featuring new furniture, updated conference rooms, new artwork, and other changes geared to creating an inviting and invigorating workplace.

As well-established leaders in the real estate industry, Rapattoni maintains a strong presence at both of the annual National Association of REALTORS® conventions as well as the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) conferences, the Council of Multiple Listing Services (CMLS) conference, and additional national, state, and local conventions. Rapattoni takes pride that the leadership team includes veterans who have been with the company 15, 20, 25, 30 and more years and represent 200+ combined years of expertise in the industry. The Rapattoni Lion logo was adopted over 20 years ago and has become a great hit at conferences, expos, and trade shows.

Rapattoni continues to deliver powerful solutions that address the industry's evolving needs:

  • The company is now offering a hosting service for its Magic AMS customers and it is launching Rapattoni Magic-Cloud AMS in January 2016 as the next generation of its industry-leading association management software.
  • Early in 2015, Rapattoni released the new Edge MLS mobile interface for iOS and Android devices as well as a robust Listing Syndication Manager, with both made available for MLS customers at no additional charge.
  • Next Gen MLS architecture is underway and the new software will separate the front-end user interface from the back-end database. This new paradigm incorporates customer input and numerous innovative concepts.
  • The National Association of REALTORS® recently praised Rapattoni for being the first vendor to cooperate with Project Upstream and AMP as we position the new MLS to support the next generation of emerging technologies and real estate services.
  • Rapattoni Corporation was the first MLS vendor to implement the RESO Data Dictionary 1.3 and 1.4 standards, receiving Platinum certification representing the highest level of compliance with the 1.4 standard.
  • The new Rapattoni MLS "skin" launches with a fresh look mid-January, with additional enhancements for Scheduled Auto-Prospecting and other features on the way.
  • Rapattoni's in-house GIS department develops custom geographic data by request, allowing MLSs to add new map layers showing regionally important information with listing input integration.
  • The MLS is also rolling out new third-party integrations, with ListTrac now available plus RatePlug and Worldposting coming soon.
  • Rapattoni’s Integrated Website Service (IWS) helps real estate associations quickly launch consumer and member sites with configurable content featuring deep integrations with AMS, MLS, and SSO. Rapattoni’s IWS sites also meet the National Association of REALTORS® Core Standards for interactive websites.

In addition to developing innovative software solutions, Rapattoni has focused on providing top-of-the-line customer support throughout its 45 year history. The company maintains an in-house help desk with level two technical support, dedicated staff support representatives, and the industry’s leading Real Estate Transaction Standard (RETS) support department. Rapattoni also employs some of the industry’s top programmers and quality assurance engineers along with veteran leaders from the real estate business, all committed to providing customers with superior service and support.

Chief Executive Officer Niki Rapattoni remarked, “This 45th anniversary milestone is a time of reflection and anticipation as the company embraces a renewed energy, having turned the deep loss of Andy in April of 2015 into a new direction that he would be cheering.” Rapattoni recognized this 45th anniversary milestone throughout the year with several staff luncheons under the trees in front of the Simi Valley office as well as a series of social hours and other events with customers at conferences and expos.