Rapattoni Corporation 2018 Highlights and What’s Coming in 2019

Rapattoni Magic-Cloud AMS

2018 – Many great new features were delivered along with enhancements to make various modules more powerful and user friendly, including these highlights:
  • New & Improved Credit Card Integration – New integration includes unifying credit card/payment management from both AMS and Internet Member Services (IMS).
  • Membership API – This powerful Application Programming Interface (API) allows third parties to access over 850 fields of data.
  • Membership & Accounting Dashboards – Cloud AMS now includes real-time data dashboards for Membership and Accounting information.
  • New Data Fields Added – New fields were added for tracking additional member information.
  • Enhanced CDB Integration – Cloud AMS’s integration with NAR’s Central Database (CDB) has been enhanced with various Education updates.
2019 – New and exciting updates are in development, including:
  • Configurable Payment Plans – Customizable Payment Plans will give your association and members the flexibility to pay in installments.
  • Enhanced web experience for your members – IMS redesign will deliver new features and enable improved interaction between you and your members.
  • New Message Center – This new feature will facilitate communication with your members, including user notifications for events, birthdays, and more.
  • New Education Dashboard – Class information will be available at a glance within Cloud AMS.
  • Task Automation – These powerful tools will automate common tasks and reduce repetitive staff procedures.

Rapattoni MLS

2018 – Numerous enhancements and new features were delivered, including these highlights:
  • New Custom Report Writer – Rapattoni MLS’s new Custom Report Writer was installed for all users, allowing them to quickly design professional looking Reports and Flyers highlighting their listings.
  • New Custom Report Writer Templates – MLS users can copy, modify, and print our growing list of customizable reports and flyers.
  • New “SMS Text Messaging” Feature – Anyone using Rapattoni’s Mobile Edge MLS can instantly text listings to their contacts directly from the MLS.
  • New Listing Display Controls – Updated controls allow agents to quickly customize their listing displays and Sort, Hide, Show, or Remove listings from their searches.
  • New & Updated Access Rights – Listing access rights are now more granular, allowing MLSs to assign specific features to agents without giving them “full” revise rights.
2019 – We are excited about what we have planned for this year, with highlights including:
  • School Report – This new feature will be available for customers with Parcel Mapping, and will be accessed from enhanced map layers; agents will click on a school and get the current “state-standardized test scores” and other supplemental data related to the school.
  • Neighborhood Report – This new feature will be available for customers with Parcel Mapping, and will be accessed from a link on Listing Detail; agents will click on a link from any listing and bring up a report showing demographic data obtained from the U.S. Census American Community Survey.
  • Report Writer Template Library – Upcoming Custom Report Writer enhancements will allow users to create a formal library of report templates that are stored separately from their published reports and can be shared with other agents.
  • Home Page Redesign – The MLS Home page will receive a new design with enhanced features plus a modern look and feel.
  • Agent-to-Agent Communications – This tool will bring newsfeed style communication to the MLS, allowing users to connect with agents inside their office, set up custom networks of agents within the MLS, post new and modified listings to the newsfeed, direct message other agents, and more.
  • Agent-Branded Mobile App – Rapattoni will launch a new client app for iOS and Android devices, allowing agents to provide their clients with a branded portal application to communicate and share listings.
  • Mobile MLS Enhancements – The Rapattoni Edge MLS mobile interface will be updated with new features and usability improvements.
  • Video Library – The MLS’s comprehensive video library is updated regularly to cover the latest MLS enhancements.

Rapattoni IWS

Accomplishments from 2018 and Plans for 2019:
  • All IWS Sites were upgraded to the latest Joomla version in 2018; the next big release of Joomla 4 in 2019 brings more features and options.
  • IWS introduced a slick new customizable look in 2018.

Third Party Integrations

2018 and 2019:
  • Rapattoni has continued to expand upon its third party Integrations in the MLS software with ShowingTime, Mooveguru, RatePlug, Zillow, and Clareity.
  • Our third party partners help enrich the MLS user experience and we look forward to adding more service integrations in 2019.

Network Operations

2018 and 2019:
  • Rapattoni’s data center is receiving a major upgrade in 2019, based on designs and plans that were completed in 2018.
  • All hosted Rapattoni products will benefit from a brand new data center that will bring many advantages, including all-new servers and networking equipment, plus increased storage capacity.
  • We are very excited to move to this new data center where our customers can enjoy the benefits and improvements it offers.