Rapattoni Magic

Real Estate Association Management Software

Manage your association with Rapattoni Magic, the leading association management software designed exclusively for the real estate industry. Rapattoni Magic helps you offer your members a higher level of service while simultaneously improving your association's efficiency and bottom line. Built with input from more than 200 local and state real estate associations and regional multiple listing services, Rapattoni Magic provides you with state-of-the-art tools for managing all aspects of your association.

Rapattoni Magic gives your association the tools to manage:

  • Membership
  • Education
  • Accounting
  • Contributions
  • Data Exchange
  • Call Tracking
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Inventory
  • Events
  • Committees
  • Conventions

Save time and enhance your association's productivity

With email billing, you'll never send dues invoices by mail again! Email billing is fast, and eliminates costly printing, envelope stuffing and postage. Built-in data exchange automates your association's reporting process with the National REALTOR® Data System (NRDS), eliminating dual entry. Powerful merge functions let you quickly and easily perform mail, fax, email, label, and envelope merges using information from anywhere in your Rapattoni Magic database. And many more efficiencies are built in.

State-of-the-art technology, high quality service

Rapattoni Magic is a Windows application, and operates on a Microsoft SQL server platform, ensuring compatibility with third-party products such as Microsoft Outlook, Access, and Crystal Reports. Rapattoni provides many resources to help your staff make the most of the software, including tutorials, Help and printable documentation, the online "Rapattoni Magic Resource Center" and an outstanding support team.

E-commerce and Internet services available

Optional Internet Member Services and Internet Store modules integrate with your Rapattoni Magic software to bring your association and all of its services to your members — via the web.

A path to the future

Rapattoni Magic is the most advanced association management software on the market. Rapattoni is committed to ongoing research and development to keep you in step with emerging technologies. We want to be your technology partner.

Rapattoni Hosted Magic

Rapattoni Hosted Magic delivers a fully hosted solution for your organization that includes:

  • Hosting on Rapattoni’s servers
    • Including your Internet Member Services (IMS) web server
  • Managed database backups
  • Monitored uptime for IMS
  • Automatic Magic version upgrades
  • Monitored scheduler service

With Rapattoni Magic, your association will no longer be responsible for:

  • Maintaining Microsoft® SQL Server® hardware and licensing for Rapattoni Magic
  • Purchasing expensive in-house server hardware for your AMS system
  • Purchasing software licenses for Rapattoni Magic AMS

Note that Rapattoni will only host your Magic and IMS software with this service; you will still be responsible for managing your organization's in-house servers and network for services such as email and file storage.

Rapattoni Magic-Cloud AMS

Rapattoni Magic-Cloud AMS represents the next generation of Rapattoni's industry-leading association management software. With an intuitive new interface and a host of powerful new features, as well as all of the features customers love from the current version of Rapattoni Magic, Cloud AMS leverages Rapattoni Corporation's 45 years of experience in providing software designed exclusively for the real estate industry.

New and Improved Magic Components:

  • Member and Office Quick Searches — instant access to all member/office activity
  • Export Builder — select columns of data and export to Excel and other programs
  • Mobile Support for Internet Member Services (IMS) — responsive design resizes IMS interface for monitors, tablets, and phones
  • Redesigned Membership and Accounting Forms — plus new fields for billing email, text messaging, and more

Dynamic New Features:

  • One-click email integration with Microsoft® Outlook®
  • Send broadcast emails for classes, events, committees, and other groups
  • Run reports in PDF, Excel, Word, HTML, and other formats
  • New Charge Code Tools with Copy and Auto-Prorate options

Available Features

Membership Manager

The Membership Manager provides your membership department with the programs and data files to maintain, query, and report on the primary membership information for members and offices. You can assign a member to multiple associations and easily track the member's association, MLS, key, and other types of data separately, but organized within one member record for ease of entry and convenient lookup.

Accounting Manager

The Accounting Manager provides your staff with all the tools needed to generate fast and easy billings, manage accounts receivable, perform bank and credit card processing, and track the inventory and sales of your association store. The Accounting Manager handles:

  • Sales and Billing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Bank and Credit Card Processing
  • Member Refund Processing

Inventory Manager

The Inventory Manager helps you manage all aspects of your REALTOR® store inventory and order processing. It works with the Rapattoni point-of-sale programs to keep your inventory up to the minute. The software tells you what to order and how much, before your stock runs out. It prepares your sales and cost-of-sales journal entries for your accounting system. It also supports back-order processing, shipping tickets, and drop shipping.

Committee Manager

The Committee Manager allows you to track every aspect of a committee, from membership rosters to meeting attendance. With this valuable data manager, you can easily assign members to committees, check attendance, record meeting information, and run an assortment of convenient queries and reports from the following data:

  • Committee Profiles
  • Member Information
  • Attendance Records
  • Meeting Schedules

Education Manager

The Education Manager provides easy access and maximum flexibility with the scheduling, grading, and billing of educational courses provided by your association. A complete range of features provides you with highly detailed yet easy-to-use utilities, forms, and reports for tracking all aspects of your education program. The Education Manager provides you with the tools to manage:

  • Course Information
  • Instructor Profiles
  • Member Transcripts
  • Course Requirements

Contributions Manager

This simple, yet important manager allows your association to track all contributions, such as RPAC and scholarship funds, that are made by members. The software also automatically determines which members are due special recognition for their contributions. The Contributions Manager provides you with the tools to manage:

  • Contributions
  • Recognition Awards

Event Manager

The Event Manager manages all aspects of special events, such as breakfast meetings, the president's ball, and golf tournaments. Use its many features to track reservations, print guest lists and laser tickets, and send confirmation letters. The Event Manager provides you with the tools to manage:

  • Event Information
  • Reservations
  • Event Calendars
  • Speaker Profiles
  • Cash Receipts and Billing
  • Historical Event Information

Convention Manager

Planning, organizing, and running a convention can be a difficult task. That's why Rapattoni created the Convention Manager. Now all the information necessary for conducting a convention of any size, including classes and events, is easily managed within Rapattoni Magic. The Convention Manager provides you with the tools to manage:

  • Education Programs
  • Schedules
  • Reservations
  • Exhibitors

Government Affairs Manager

The success of your government affairs department is heavily dependent on the effective use of data. The Government Affairs Manager enables you to track important governmental affairs data including:

  • Legislator Information
  • Bill Information
  • Issue Information
  • District Information
  • Precinct Information
  • Legislative Contact Information

To accomplish this, Rapattoni has formed strategic alliances with Legislative Demographic Services and Democracy Data & Communications, companies that provide electronic demographic data on CD-ROM. By integrating their software (and AccuMail for accurate ZIP+4 coding) with Rapattoni Magic's Government Affairs Manager, you can accurately link every member in your database with his/her Congressional, State Upper House, and State Lower House voting districts. This gives your association the ability to launch powerful mailing campaigns, political calls to action, and broadcast faxes—aimed directly at the specific members whose votes really count.

Call Tracking Manager

Call tracking is an important part of any busy office. The Call Tracking Manager allows your association to track any phone calls, providing your office with a complete, detailed record of important communications with customers. This manager not only lets you enter call information, but also provides queries and reports.

Data Exchange Manager

The Data Exchange Manager revolutionizes the exchange of data between associations, and allows for nightly, even hourly, data exchange. You can transmit and/or receive information over the Internet from a remote computer system or FTP site. This software is compliant with the data exchange standards set by the National REALTOR® Database System (NRDS).

The Merge Menu

This powerful tool enables you to create data files that you can use to perform mail merges, fax merges, email merges, and label or envelope merges. Merge menu options let you select records from any of the Rapattoni managers, so you can pull data from anywhere in your database. You can merge your Rapattoni Magic data files into many third-party applications for email and fax broadcasts, and mail merges. In addition, Rapattoni Magic can automatically export your merge data into a Microsoft Outlook Contacts folder. This feature lets you create a "portable" database that contains all the records you selected, such as your association's entire active membership, or all committee directors for your association, which you can use as you would any Contacts folder in Microsoft Outlook.


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