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Rapattoni MLS

Rapattoni MLS delivers the best that technology has to offer. Through the unique guarantee of free upgrades to incorporate enhancements and new technologies, Rapattoni keeps its customers excited and moving forward.

Rapattoni MLS offers a powerful assortment of tools and advanced features, including:

  • Versatile Searches, Displays & Reports
    • Interactive Map Search Powered by Google Maps™
    • Customizable Search Templates
    • Hotsheets and 24-Hour Market Watch
    • Customizable Grid Displays
    • CMAs and Reports
    • Custom Report Writer & Custom Exports
    • Public Searches and Internet Data Exchange (IDX/ILD)
  • Mapping and Parcel Data
    • Robust Parcel Mapping Component
    • Integrated Aerial Photography
    • Custom Map Layers for MLS Areas, School Districts, Zoning, Flood Zones, and more
    • Listing Input Autofill from Parcel Data and Custom Layers
  • Statistics and Trends Analysis
  • Contact/Prospect Management
    • Prospect Carts and Interactive Client Portals
    • Auto-Prospecting Email Tools
  • Public Records Data with Listing Input Integration
  • Mobile Interface with Responsive Design
    • Runs as a Mobile App or Web App
  • Desktop MLS Runs on Tablets and Phones as well as PCs and Macs
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility
    • Chrome®
    • Firefox®
    • Internet Explorer®/Edge®
    • Safari®
  • RETS 1.7.2 Data Exchange System
  • Listing Syndication Manager
    • Syndication Tools for MLS Staff, Brokers, and Office Staff
  • Integrated Member Management and Billing System
  • Customizable MLS Home Page
  • State-of-the-Art Security
  • Data Hosting Service
  • Continuous Software Updates
  • Help and Support
    • On-site Training
    • Online Help
    • Help Desk for Agents
    • Dedicated Staff Support
    • Second Level Tech Support
    • Webinars & Video Tutorials

Rapattoni Edge MLS for Mobile Devices

As the mobile platform of the Rapattoni MLS, Edge delivers everything that real estate professionals need:

  • Available as native app for iOS and Android or as web page for all devices
  • Revise listings on the go with status changes, price updates, and more
  • Upload listing pictures directly from your phone or tablet
  • Advanced searching options
    • Field Search
    • Map Search
    • Quick Search
    • Hotsheets
  • View, add, and update your Contacts, then connect with them via phone or email
  • Find upcoming Open Houses, Broker Tours, and Caravans in your area
  • Save and organize listings in multiple carts
  • Responsive user interface adapts to fit phones and tablets

Additional features include:

  • Agent/Office Search
  • Tax Records
  • Social Media Tools
  • And more to come!

Protect your MLS site with state-of-the-art security!

Secure Logon

In the real estate business, your data is your greatest asset. Rapattoni Secure Logon helps you protect that data by ensuring that only authorized users can access your MLS.

Strong Security

With Rapattoni Secure Logon, your users will be protected by banking industry strength security leveraging RSA's Adaptive Authentication technology which currently protects more than 150 million users online. Via a combination of confidential security questions, user profiling, analytical risk reporting, and anti-fraud technology, Rapattoni Secure Logon provides you with a level of security unmatched in the real estate marketplace today.

Eliminate Unauthorized Access

Confidential security questions prevent the majority of unauthorized access. Analytical risk reporting gives MLS staff a clear view of high-risk users.

Anti-Fraud Technology

Rapattoni Secure Logon comes with the power of RSA's anti-fraud technology, including:

  • Anti-Phishing – MLS users will verify that they are accessing their MLS and not an impostor site via the use of a personalized security image and phrase that is presented to the user before they enter their password.
  • eFraudNetwork – All incoming logon attempts are vetted against RSA's eFraudNetwork database of fraudulent IP addresses. This extensive database is continuously updated by participating financial institutions.

Seamless Integration and Implementation

Rapattoni has designed Secure Logon to integrate with existing Rapattoni MLS sites as well as other MLS sites and Internet services. Secure Logon is easy to deploy even in large organizations, backed by Rapattoni's industry-leading customer support. Full deployment, training and ongoing support services for your staff and agents are included.

Rapattoni Single Sign-On (SSO)

With Rapattoni's Single Sign-On (SSO), your association's MLS or IWS website becomes the focal point of a member's online experience, providing the convenience of one-click logon to additional services.

Your Site Becomes a Single Point of Entry

SSO allows you to tie your members' "online community" together. Your MLS or IWS site can authenticate the member during logon, and then offer easy transportation to other SSO enabled trusted sites. Agents will only need to remember one ID and password, and have a single, secure point of entry to many services. Associations will benefit from being the "hub" of their members' online circle of trust.

Security that Meets 'Best Practice' Standards

Rapattoni hosts the SSO identity portal and provides management software that lets you determine which users should have access to which trusted sites. The system passes secure, signed and certified information between SSO sites using security industry standards such as Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML), Oauth2, and OpenID Connect technologies.

SAML Compliant Vendors

What is SAML?

SAML stands for Security Assertion Markup Language. It is an XML-based standard for exchanging authentication and authorization data between participating parties. SAML has become the standard means for establishing SSO (Single Sign-on) in the real estate industry.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Services

As the only MLS provider with an in-house GIS Department, Rapattoni is uniquely positioned to develop custom geographic data by request, allowing MLSs to add new layers showing regionally important information. Customized mapping layers can be used to:

  • Auto-populate listing input from the spatial data for fields such as MLS Area, School District, Flood Zone, and more
  • Provide regionally important map overlays
  • Create location-based data for reports

Rapattoni MLS's integrated Parcel Mapping offers your MLS the ultimate tool for viewing parcels and creating visually dynamic sales presentations. Drawn from data provided by county records and other sources, and powered by Microsoft® Bing™ Maps, the parcel maps show physical layouts of properties and the surrounding neighborhood, offering powerful tools and a choice of many informational layers. The easy-to-use map tools allow you to zoom and pan, measure distances between two or more points, and many other functions. Many layers such as Notices of Defaults and Foreclosures, Vacant Properties, Land Use, and Zoning can be used for researching customer-specific properties.

Layers of Valuable Information

Many layers of data can be overlaid on the map, giving you revolutionary opportunities for visual presentation of property information. For example, you can show listings in a certain neighborhood alongside MLS and county recorded sales in that area, and other layers including:

  • Parcel Boundaries/Dimensions
  • MLS and County Recorded Sales
  • School Districts
  • Open Houses
  • County/City Zoning
  • Rental Units
  • MLS Boundary Areas
  • Flood Zones
  • Land Use
  • Distressed Property Info
  • Custom Map Layers

Help & Support

Rapattoni MLS provides a wealth of easy-to-understand tutorials, including multimedia Feature Spotlights and Show Me animations, plus searchable Online Help, field-level Help, and more. Rapattoni's Call Center offers separate toll-free lines for staff and agent support, and there's also an online knowledge base with FAQs and troubleshooting tips.


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