IMS Accounts Receivable Batch Prefixes

Title: IMS Accounts Receivable Batch Prefixes
Submitted by: Rapattoni Software Support
Issue: Why does my latest IMS batch ID end in all asterisks?

Your Rapattoni Magic Internet Member Services accounts receivable batches have a unique batch prefix that differentiates them from your local Magic in-house batches. This IMS batch prefix can be used to create a maximum of 999 batches. Magic automatically, sequentially assigns your IMS batches daily, weekly or monthly depending on your batch frequency setup. If the number of batches exceeds 999, Magic will insert asterisks for the batch ID. It is very important to change your IMS AR batch prefix well before the system exceeds 999. Any IMS AR batch ID’s that end with asterisks will contain faulty data. Periodically check your Batch Form to monitor your IMS web batch ID numbers.

Once the IMS batch ID approaches approximately 950, it is a good idea to change the batch ID prefix. You can change the ID by following the steps listed below.

Highlight the appropriate IMS Association then click on the Service Setup button.

Highlight the appropriate IMS Service. Make sure you are in modify mode then click on the Accounting Setup button.

The batch prefix is assigned in the IMS Accounting Service Setup Form. Type in a new 2 or 3 digit batch prefix.

Please note: Make sure to never assign the same batch prefix twice. It is a good idea to check all of your IMS services that have an accounting setup to verify that you are not using a batch prefix that is currently in use by another service.

IMS Dues Payment Instructions for Agents

Title: IMS Dues Payment Instructions for Agents
Submitted by: Rapattoni Magic Software Support
Issue: How can I instruct members who need help paying their dues through Internet Member Services?

Although each association's processes may differ slightly, there are some basic instructions you can provide to your members who need assistance paying their dues through Internet Member Services (IMS). We encourage you to customize the following article to meet the needs of your members.

To pay your dues online through Internet Member Services (IMS)

Log on to IMS, as you normally would. Once you are logged on, click the Pay Your Account tab to view your outstanding invoices.

Select the invoices that you want to pay by clicking the corresponding check boxes on the right side of the page. Then click Choose Payment Options.

A suggested voluntary contribution, such as RPAC, may automatically be included. At this point, you have the opportunity to modify this amount, if desired. If you wish to change the amount from the suggested value, click Modify.

Change the amount in the pop-up window that displays, then click OK.

Your Payment Information page redisplays with the updated amount. Next, select your method of payment, such as Credit Card.

Enter the payment information, then click Submit.

If a member encounters a problem when trying to process a payment, please do not ask them to contact Rapattoni Magic Support directly. A member of your association staff should gather details about the issue and contact us for assistance at (866) 730-7115.

IMS Event and Education Comment Field Expanded!

Title: IMS Event and Education comment field expanded! (Note: This is in version 10.1.07 ONLY)
Submitted by: Rapattoni Magic Software Support
Version: Rapattoni Magic v10.1.07
Issue: Is there a way to have a more lengthy comment field for IMS Event and Education registrations?

Have you ever thought, "It would really be nice if the comment field in the IMS Event and Education registration section were larger"? Well now it is! This new "Description" field allows users to add HTML code, links, and pictures in addition to plain text. This newly added field gives you a 5,000 character maximum. This is very handy for providing a more detailed description of what the class\event is about.

In order to access this field, navigate to your class or event (class or event information form), then click the "IMS Options" button (see screenshot below).

This is the form that you will access to enter your expanded description along with pictures or links.

Below is a screenshot of what this will look like in IMS:

As you can see, the "Description" field shows not only the text, but also the picture and URL for Centex Homes. In order to utilize this feature, if you are not running our current version of Magic (10.1.07), please contact our support department to schedule an upgrade. As always, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact support at 1-866-730-7115 or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

IMS Supplement Documentation

Title: IMS Supplement Documentation
Submitted by: Software Support
Issue: Where can I learn more about Internet Member Services?

Rapattoni's Internet Member Services (IMS) is a powerful tool that brings many of your association’s services right to your members’ desktops. This optional module integrates with your Rapattoni Magic 8 software to allow members to manage many of their own membership requests via the Internet (such as keeping their contact information up-to-date, paying association charges, enrolling in a class or event, etc.).

Associations that have IMS need specialized documentation on how to run it, and such a document exists — the "Internet Member Services Supplement." Using this document you can learn how to customize, manage and refine the information that displays on your IMS Web site. You can view and print this document right from your Rapattoni Magic 8 software.

To access the Internet Member Services Supplement:

  1. Choose Documentation from the Help menu. The Printable Documentation menu willopen using Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. Under the heading "Manuals," click Internet Member Services Supplement.

Keep in mind that Rapattoni’s customer support staff is here to help you set up or modify your IMS software. Additionally, the Magic Resource Center has a number of IMS articles for your reference.

For more information on obtaining an IMS integration for your association’s Web site, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

IMS Web Descriptions for Classes, Events and Committees!

Title: IMS Web Descriptions for Classes, Events and Committees!
Submitted by: Rapattoni Software Support
Version: Rapattoni Magic v10.1.07
Issue: How can I add a better description for a class, event or committee in IMS?

Have you ever wanted to enter a longer description for a certain class, event or committee meeting? With our newest version of Rapattoni Magic, v10.1.07, it's now possible! **Note, you MUST upgrade to version 10.1.07 in order to use this feature.**

To enable this feature, you must navigate to the IMS Class Options (Managers > Education > Class Information Form > IMS Options), IMS Event Options (Managers > Events > Event Information Form > IMS Options), or Committee Meeting Form (Managers > Committee > Daily Meeting Query Form). Below is an example of the IMS Event Options form that has been set up to accommodate a longer event description:

IMS Event Options

This example highlights the flexibility of adding HTML tags and pictures to customize the description even further! When the staff member logs into IMS to register for the event, they will see the full event description as shown below:

Event Detail Information

Please contact Rapattoni Magic Support at 1-866-730-7115 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in receiving the upgrade to version 10.1.07 that includes this new feature!